Thursday, January 12, 2012

TMobile Prepaid System Broken -- Customer Support System Blocked

Dear T-Mobile,

I just purchased a $100 t-mobile refill card at a drugstore in Manhattan.

To process the refill, I:

  • Entered the number on the website: It said the refill # was invalid.
  • Called to refill: It told me to call the number on the back of the purchased FastCard refill card.
  • Called number on the back of the purchased FastCard refill card: It asks me to enter my phone number, It tells me my phone number is invalid.
I repeated all of the above steps twice to make sure I was not entering the incorrect refill number or phone number.

It seems from this post ( that others are suffering from this lately as well.

Seems like a rather serious technical error.


Why is the above text tabbed out and in courier font? Because it's a post that I wrote and wanted to post on t-mobile's support forum.

Unfortunately, there seems to be yet another glaring technical bug in their support forum site, which prevents me from writing a new post. I wrote out the above and on clicking "Post", I get a "The connection was reset" error.

I won't waste bytes explaining that there are no humans you can talk to on their support phone lines.

Pretty disappointed with T-Mobile today. Clearly prepaid customers are not high on their customer service priority list.


  1. Update: went back and tried removing all html formatting (done by _their_ widget, mind you) and finally the post went through.

  2. Update: I tried again the next day and the refill worked.

    I guess the system was just down for the day? You'd think they could design better error messages so users at least know what's going on.