Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trouble with GMail Superstars

Ever since the June 1 rollout of the labs feature Superstars to all gmail users, the superstars in one of my accounts suddenly stopped working.

I've had trouble with Superstars before, so I thought maybe I should just wait it out a bit. It's been a full week now and they're still not working, so I did a little investigation. I found at least one other pour soul who lost his Superstars, so I'm not alone.

As I said above, I originally thought the problem was related to one of my accounts. Just to be sure, I tried loading the account in a different browser -- FF4 instead of Chrome. Boom! Stars working again. Must be an issue with Chrome.

I poked around a little bit in the page with the Chrome developers tools (and with firebug on the same account in FF4) and tracked down the specific css rule that should be displaying my fancy stars:

When I load that image by itself in a Chrome window, it loads just fine:

...and yet, in my inbox/label views and in the settings tab, the image is not loading.

Anyone else out there seeing this problem?

Update 6/8:

Just realized that the little Google Buzz Icon is not showing up either.

FF (all fine):

Chrome (missing buzz and star):