Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adding a Web Address to Google Sites

New Google facelift has made a curious move with the page for adding a custom domain to your google sites page:

Once the sites page is created, you select the "Web Address" link on the sidebar, which brings you here, where you can type in a new address:

Which is great, but once you enter the domain, how do you add it?
Google Help to the rescue:

(Note My hand-drawn circle around the add button)

Only problem is.... in the new layout, that button is not there.

So, I figured this must be a css error. I tried changing the font size. I tried reloading the page. I tried loading in chrome instead of FF. I even jumped into FireBug to try to find it, no beans.

Where is she hiding?

...stare for a few more minutes.....

Wow. There's some UI for ya.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Send In Background Error

I noticed a funny behavior in my Gmail for the last week or two and finally this morning tracked it down.

In the middle of a session, I was seeing the terrible "Oops...the system encountered a problem (#707)" message pop up, along with the exponential backoff for the retry:

Unfortunately, it doesn't snap itself back, and clicking "Retry Now" doesn't work either.

The only way to deal with this situation is to close the tab. A further clue is that on closing the tab, Gmail warns us that we should leave yet... it's trying to do something.

Turns out this has something to do with the "Send in Background" labs feature.

I can consistently reproduce the error by:

  1. Open Gmail with "Send In Background" enabled
  2. Open any message in my inbox
  3. Type a reply
  4. Hit tab-enter to send
  5. Immediately hit "y" to archive
  6. Error
Turning the "Send In Background" feature off and walking through those steps again produces no error.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Clicking Elements in IE with Selenium

Short, rough post, just to add another node on the net explaining this horrible bug.

  • You are using Selenium.

  • You wrote a beautiful test, and it works great in FF with the FirefoxDriver.

  • You adapted the test to run with InternetExplorerDriver.

  • You run it and it doesn't click.

You will google around, and most suggestions will tell you to call:
on the element.

That might work for you. It might not.

It didn't work for me.

What did work was going to the View menu and then to the Zoom menu, and there changing the zoom value from 125% to 100%.

Terrible bug. Hopefully this can help save a few hours of humankind.

Thank you Brian Elstner for figuring this out, and for taking the time to post it here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Advertising Fail

Hello Louisiana Economic Development !

The opportunity that I see is to remove the "break;" and replace it with a "return;" or something, so that this method actually does what you want it to.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trouble with GMail Superstars

Ever since the June 1 rollout of the labs feature Superstars to all gmail users, the superstars in one of my accounts suddenly stopped working.

I've had trouble with Superstars before, so I thought maybe I should just wait it out a bit. It's been a full week now and they're still not working, so I did a little investigation. I found at least one other pour soul who lost his Superstars, so I'm not alone.

As I said above, I originally thought the problem was related to one of my accounts. Just to be sure, I tried loading the account in a different browser -- FF4 instead of Chrome. Boom! Stars working again. Must be an issue with Chrome.

I poked around a little bit in the page with the Chrome developers tools (and with firebug on the same account in FF4) and tracked down the specific css rule that should be displaying my fancy stars:

When I load that image by itself in a Chrome window, it loads just fine:

...and yet, in my inbox/label views and in the settings tab, the image is not loading.

Anyone else out there seeing this problem?

Update 6/8:

Just realized that the little Google Buzz Icon is not showing up either.

FF (all fine):

Chrome (missing buzz and star):