Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adding a Web Address to Google Sites

New Google facelift has made a curious move with the page for adding a custom domain to your google sites page:

Once the sites page is created, you select the "Web Address" link on the sidebar, which brings you here, where you can type in a new address:

Which is great, but once you enter the domain, how do you add it?
Google Help to the rescue:

(Note My hand-drawn circle around the add button)

Only problem is.... in the new layout, that button is not there.

So, I figured this must be a css error. I tried changing the font size. I tried reloading the page. I tried loading in chrome instead of FF. I even jumped into FireBug to try to find it, no beans.

Where is she hiding?

...stare for a few more minutes.....

Wow. There's some UI for ya.

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